Guided Chakra Meditations For Healing & Alignment

Guided Chakra Meditations For Healing & Alignment

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Guided meditations by the Priestess of Light, Harriette Hale, to take you on a journey of chakra healing, cleansing, releasing, activation and re-alignment. Join me as I walk you through the Red Caves to reconnect you with your Source stability and security; the Orange Lakes to unleash the serpent of your creativity & sexuality; the Fire Pit to light the power spark within you; the Emerald Crystal Chambers of your heart centre for loving healing & embrace; the Blue Cliffs where we discover your truth and open your self-expression; the Indigo Forest in which we heighten your discernment for truth and sight, and finally a meeting with Father Sky as we complete your chakra healing and alignment.

14 tracks complete the full album, two for each chakra, one with the guided spoken meditation and one without. Create your own playlists to design a personalised chakra healing experience.

Recommended Listening:

  1. The Red Caves (root chakra)
  2. The Red Caves Instrumental
  3. The Orange Lakes (sacral chakra)
  4. The Orange Lakes Instrumental
  5. The Fire Pit (solar plexus chakra)
  6. The Fire Pit Instrumental
  7. The Emerald Crystal Chambers (heart chakra)
  8. The Emerald Crystal Chambers Instrumental
  9. The Blue Cliffs (throat chakra)
  10. The Blue Cliffs Instrumental
  11. The Indigo Forest (third eye chakra)
  12. The Indigo Forest Instrumental
  13. Father Sky (crown chakra)
  14. Father Sky Instrumental


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